Monday, May 27, 2013

The "Big" Date

I’ve had this dream for a while. The kind of dream that does not wane with the passing of time. The kind of dream that gets rekindled every time I blow a birthday candle. The kind of dream that makes me : zip my suitcase and grab my list of conversational phrases.

Putting the finishing touches to my outfit with a hat (I feel French already), and finally taking two deep breaths to reassure my pounding heart that it’s just my dream coming alive and not an early cardiac arrest....I'm closing my front door.

A plane on the tarmac will be shortly departing to my city of dreams. Yes chickadee, I’m bound for Paris. Tonight.

I confess that the dream has been tweaked slightly. Instead of “Visiting Paris with or without a plus one before I hit 30”, we’re doing “Visiting Paris to celebrate my welcome into the big girl’s club”. None of it matters though. This rendezvous has been in the works for a while, you know. A date I made with Paris several years ago.

If I was still ten, Paris would be the cute-freckled boy who made my heart swoon and giggle uncontrollably.

So here we are, two decades later. The two of us. Finally.


  1. Enjoy!
    Karen told me about your long wait to meet Paris - hope you have a great time!

  2. Thanks, Sabrina. I had a swell time :). That's one more thing off my bucket list.